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You can contact Brod

by writing to this address

PO Box 986 Castlemaine

Victoria, 3450


or by e-mailing Broderick


Early 1990's somewhere in the western suburbs of Melbourne

Photographer unknown



For Bookings

Contact: Patrick Delves at Premier Artists

Tel: (03) 96999555 e-mail: pat@premierartists.com.au




For Harp on Your Recordings


Recently I played on Stephen Pigram's solo cd and I did the harp track here at home. This is the second one I have done. Plus I've done a bunch of narrations as well.  If folks send me a mp3 of a track they wish harp on, I can run it through garageband, play on another track with it and then send the harp track back to them as a wav. form via You Send It. When they receive it they just lay the track as a separate track on their program mix and there you have it. My rates are reasonable and it's all electronic. You just okay it when you have it the way you want and I give you my electronic banking details, invoice etc all by email. Rates are negotiable. I'm not here to break your bank.