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Broddie's Gazette No. 15

November, 2012


Yes I know itís been a while (over a year, in fact, but there wasnít much to write about, and why bullshit, you know).


The country still wanders around on the patio in its slippers and me, well, Iím desperately trying to get out of my grumpy years.

In the last year or so Iíve managed to upset shock jocks, the far right, (not the left cos it doesnít exist anymore) the greens, yuppies, armchair socialists and cricket lovers.


Letís see what 2013 brings!

Some good things happened though.

This pleased me no end. This photo is of a mature, quite handsome Dingo, called Broderick!




That means a lot to me and I wish him a wonderful, safe life.


I guess I should talk about my sons a bit. Perry, the oldest one is busy learning tattooing and because of his artistic talent should do well. His sketches are dynamite. The youngest son, Ambrose, is singing and cavorting around on stage with no shirt a lot.

He plays in the Murlocs www.facebook.com/themurlocs

and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizards www.kinggizzardandthelizardwizard.com/


King Gizzard, by the way, asked me to write a short story of sorts and narrate it for their new cd, and the damn thing worked out real well.

My good friend Matt Walker said the fact that I was nearly 65 and theyíre all 20 made sense because I was the only performer from my era that could do it. Not sure what he meant by that but it sounds good.


My daughter Edith is living in Melbourneís north and enjoying the young ďDevil wears Prada ď life she now has.

Ah, the wonders of the world when youíre young.

Iíve been in the backstreets of Juarez, the alleys of Aden, burnt out buildings in parts of Harlem, the Keilor Tip, The Coliseum Hotel Heidelberg,  lots of ďcharacter-filled places ď.  Iíve had knives pulled on me, bottles and glasses put near my face, guns pointed at me from under tables, got involved in a few bar brawls  and still the scariest place Iíve ever been was the lounge at the Portsea Pub full of desperate, drunken women all bearing a vague resemblance to Gene Hackman in drag.


So, Melbourne and most cities no longer hold much fascination for me.


One small crimson Rosella in my garden means more than a clubful of the tragically hip.


Now, hereís a question. I know what this is; can anybody else out there tell me?


First person that tells me gets a free ticket to the Knox City Museum of Fine Art. Pic courtesy of the angelic Maxine Briggs.





Hereís another photo. Itís me and Loz, the wonderful partner of the wonderful musician (and human being) Mark Collins and Tim OíBrien the great US singer/musician. The nun pic was given by Mark for me to hold. Strange lad. Taken at Katoomba a few years back. My beard years. Actually it is a weird photo when I look at it. What are they doing in my room sitting on my bed? Loz looks surprised, Tim looks gay, and I look ill.



Iíve been touring with the Backsliders www.backsliders.com.au/ a fair bit. Hereís a shot of Rob on the left and Dom having a typical Bluesmanís breakfast of Eggs Benedict on Spelt bread with handpicked spinach, cherry tomatoes and a soy latte . The small dish on Domís plate also holds an organic hand pressed moutard líorange, the same meal Robert Johnson had every morning in his private cattle car on the Southern Railroads Gourmet Blues Tours he used to do.

Rumour has it that Johnson died by choking to death on an unheated croissant.



Iíve also been doing some playing with Tabasco Tom and Doc. www.tabascoanddoc.com/


Tomís from the States and Docís from Adelaide.

Tomís the real deal, growing up with the Gottis and Gambinos in a way then going down into Virginia and learning the rebel yell. His life is like a character that Sean Penn might play, or Sigourney Weaver. Doc was a nurse for many years and has 4 children and a wife that he is extremely scared of. I think she beats him.

But I also have the feeling that Michelle Obama knocks Barack around a bit. What do I know?

However, as Garrison Keiller said, ĒThe person who takes up the most room in the marital bed runs the homeĒ.


This is Tom in NZ trying to look handsome and successful on this side of the world so his mum wonít worry.



One more thing. This is a shot of my Webmeister, Lance, with his good buddy Pablo. Lance actually was the one who suggested to Pablo, ďYou should check out African sculptures. Theyíre really coolĒ.



Thatís all folks. Iím getting bored. Talk to you soon.





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