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Broderick Smith

Broderick Smith's Big Combo

The Dingoes





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Unknown Country

Released 11 September 2009 Liberation Music CD

Track Listing

1 Unknown Country
2 The Devil and the Boy
3 Buddy Bolden
4 I'm the Same as You
5 Bad Star
6 Crazy Mary
7 Jack Napoleon From Cape Grim
8 Mary the Larrikin (Joe Byrne's Ballad)
9 God May Not be With Us
10 The Ring
11 Smashman
12 Walk into my Soul
13 What Goes Down

Broderick Smith - vocals, harmonica, banjo, tenor banjo
Matt Walker - guitars, lap steel, keys
Shannon Bourne - guitars
Laurie Ernst - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Garth Hudson - keys, accordion
Grant Cummerford - bass
David Manton - keys
Andrew Rigby - Celtic harp

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Journal - The Best Of Broderick Smith
Released on 10/05/2004 CD

Redbird Music

A career-spanning compilation including Carson, The Dingoes, Broderick Smith's Big Combo and solo material

Track Listing
1  Farmers Song
2  Way Out West
3  Boy On The Run
4  Rock And Roll Game
5  Tobacco Road
6  Faded Roses
7  Leah
8  Ruby In The Snow
9  Christmas In Melbourne
10 Tomorrow Wendy
11 Ocean Deep
12 Snowblind Moon
13 Love Will Conquer Everything
14 Breath Of Man



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Too Easy

2002 Newmarket CD

Track Listing

1 Rainy Day
2 I Have No Song
3 Aria Branca
4 The Girl with Green Eyes
5 Two Men and Some Dogs
6 From the Hills
7 Victim's Highway
8 You're Not Naked
9 Wind Dogs
10 Starlight Lounge
12 This Land
13 Thirteen
14 Going North
15 Writers on a Train
16 Man to Man



Broderick Smith - vocals, harmonica

The Guild ...

Michael Rose - pedal steel

Lawrie Minson - lap steel, banjo, mohan vina

Matt Walker - lap steel, guitar

Julian Barnett - guitar

Kevin Bennett - guitar

Randy Bulpin - guitar

Mick Aherne - guitar

Kris Emond - guitar

Gerry Hale - mandola, mandolin

Nigel MacLean - violin

Peter Howell - bass

James Gillard - bass

Joe Imbroll - bass

Lawrie Ernst - drums

Tony Day - drums

Lawrence Nulty - drums

Kim Chesire - drums

Garry Steel - keyboards

Richard Tankard - keyboards

Matt Hayden - keyboards

Kirk Steel - keyboards

Nigel MacLean - keyboards


Recorded at Harcourt Valley Recorders, Harcourt Victoria





Broderick Smith Leftovers  

1997 Reportedly only sold at Gigs CD


Track Listing

1 Boy On the Run (Broderick Smith-Chris Stockley)
2 Buckets of Rain (Bob Dylan)
3 A Star Was Born (Broderick Smith-Nick Smith)
4 Survivor (Rodney Freeman-Smith)
5 Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Shel Silverstein)
6 Dream on Brother (Broderick Smith-Matt Walker)
7 Perfect World (Broderick Smith-Matt Walker)
8 Ribs of the Land (Broderick Smith-Matt Walker)
9 Worst Gang in the World (Broderick Smith-Kevin Bennett)
10 This Land (Rodney Freeman-Smith-Phil Hyde)
11 Stay She Said (Eris O’Brien-Joe Paolacci)
12 Keep It the Same (Warbabies)
13 Love Will Conquer Everything (Glenn Cardier)
14 Ghosts (Paul Weller)
15 Survivor (Rodney Freeman-Smith)








Crayon Angels
1996 EMI/ABC Music CD

Track Listing
1 Crazy Dreams
2 Earth Rider
3 My Town
4 The Tower of Song
5 Will You Miss Me
6 Jim Dean of Indiana
7 Beautiful Dreamer
8 Blacksheep Boy
9 I Still Miss Someone
10 Crayon Angels
12 What Are You Doing in Heaven Today?

Broderick Smith - vocal and harmonica

Peter Howell - double bass

Nigel MacLean - violins

Matt Walker - acoustic guitar, dobro, lap steel

Kevin Bennett - acoustic guitar, vocals

Laurie Ernst - drums, vocals

Gerry Hale, -mandolin, mandola, autoharp

Chris Wilson - piano, harmonium

Recorded at ABC Studios, Southbank, Victoria






1995 ABC CD


Track Listing

1 The Carney

2 Walking on the Ribs of the Land

3 Rose of Vietnam

4 Junkyard Moon

5 Where's Wally

6 Tell the Truth

7 Blue is for Girls

8 Worst Gang in the World

9 Every Nobody's Somebody Sometime

10 Dream On Brother

11 Blind Ambition

12 A River Runs Through my Heart

13 Don't Catch the Shadow



Broderick Smith vocals, harmonica

The Guild are ...

Peter Howell - double bass

Nigel MacLean - violins

Matt Walker - acoustic guitar, dobro, lap steel

Kevin Bennett - acoustic guitar, vocals

Laurie Ernst - drums, vocals

Gerry Hale - mandolin, mandola, auto harp

Mick O'Connor - organ

Chris Wilson - piano


Recorded at ABC Studios, Southbank, Victoria



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My Shiralee

1994 Newmarket CD


Track Listing

1 My Shiralee
2 A Perfect World
3 Stella Joy
4 Crystal
5 All I Saw Was Blue
6 Tonight A Star Was Born
7 No Sleep At The Cross
8 A Storm A'coming
9 Tomorrow Wendy
10 Stealing From The Devil's Garden
11 Holy Duty
12 Beulah River



Broderick Smith - vocals, harmonica

The Guild ...

Randy Bulpin - guitars

Tony Day - drums

Robert B. Dillon - drums

Gerry Hale - auto harp, acoustic guitar

Phillip Hyde - backing vocals, acoustic guitar

Joe Imbroll - bass

Michael Rose - pedal steel

Nick Smith - backing vocals

Kirk Steele - accordion

Matt Walker - lap steel, dobro


Recorded at Newmarket Studios, Melbourne






1992 Mushroom/Festival CD


Track Listing

1 Snowblind Moon
2 She Held the Heart
3 Someone You Love
4 Tobacco Road
5 The Moon and Sally's Eyes
6 Say a Prayer
7 Salvation Jane
8 Passing the Pain
9 Cashing it in
10 This Town Will Survive
11 Love Will Conquer Everything












Broderick Smith

1984 Wheatley/RCA LP


Track Listing

1 When I Swim
2 Here Comes Trouble
3 Winds of Change
4 She Kissed
5 The Hunter Blows His Horn
6 Visions of You
7 Jungle Green
8 Outcast
9 Ray of Light
10 Leah










Broderick Smith's Big Combo (1979 - 82)



Annas John (d) 1981-1982
Ballard John (g,sax,bv) 1979
Eastick Malcolm (g) 1979-1982
Gillard James (b) 1982
Lee Peter (d) 1979-1980
O'Connor Mick (k) 1979-1982
Paterakis Manny (d) 1980-1981
Robertson Ron (b) 1979-1981
Smith Broderick (v) 1979-1982
Thompson Graham (b) 1981-1982
Wilson Chris (p,g) 1981-1982





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Broderick Smith's Big Combo

1981 Wheatley/EMI LP

Track Listing
1 Last Train from Mobil Town
2 Faded Roses
3 Tightrope
4 High Rise
5 Back Off Baby Brother
6 I was Here
7 Fortune Favours the Bold
8 My Father's Hands
9 The Devil Drives
10 Ruby in the Snow






The Dingoes 2010 -

John  Bois  (b,v)
Broderick Smith  (v,harm)
Chris Stockley  (g)
Kerryn Tolhurst  (g)



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Live at Last

Release Date on itunes: 6 February 2011 Liberation CD


Track Listing

1. Not worth fighting for
2. Come on down
3. The last place
4. Rolling around the sun
5. Child in the middle
6. No rain no river
7. Going down again
8. Snow blind moon
9. Smooth sailin'
10. Waiting for the tide to turn
11. Singing your song
12. Blue sanctuary
13. Shine a light
14. Way out west
15. Try anyway
16. Damascus road
17. Boy on the run
18. Sydney ladies


Extra personnel:

Ashley Davies (drums and backing vocal)

Chris Copping (hammond organ)

Kevin Bennett (backing vocals)


Produced & recorded by



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Release Date: 6 August 2010 Liberation CD


Track Listing

1. Right To Your Door
2. Not Worth Fighting For
3. Rolling Around The Sun
4. Try Anyway
5. No Rain, No River
6. Ribs Of The Land
7. Blue Sanctuary
8. Snowblind Moon
9. Damascus Road
10. Driving Home


Extra personnel:

Ashley Davies (drums and backing vocal)

Chris Copping (hammond organ)

Pigram Brothers (backing vocals)

Kevin Bennett (backing vocals)

Francisco Gonzales (quijado, requinto)


Produced & recorded by Kerryn Tolhurst at Locomo Studios, Tucson, Arizona, Christmas 2009.

Hammond organ recorded by Chris Copping at Magnetic Island. Great Barrier Reef, Qld.

Drums recorded by Mick Wordley at Mixmasters, Adelaide

The Pigrams recorded by Alan Pigram in Broome, WA.

Mixed by Kerryn Tolhurst & Mick Wordley at Mixmasters, Adelaide.

Executive producer: David Minear (Bombora)


The Dingoes (1973-1978)


Ray Arnott  (d) 1974 1976
John Du Bois  (b,v) 1973-1978
AndrewJ effers-Harding  (g) 1978 ---
John Lee  (d) 1973-1974,1976-1978
Mal Logan  (k) 1973
Broderick Smith  (v,harm) 1973-1978
Chris Stockley  (g) 1973-1978
John Strangio  (b) 1973
Kerryn Tolhurst  (g) 1973-1978





Five Times the Sun & Other Delicacies

Release Date: 22 May 1995 Polygram Australia CD


Track Listing
1. Boy on the Run
2. Child in the Middle
3. Come on Down
4. High Living
5. I Never Seem to Get Through
6. Into the Night
7. Johnnie's the Last One
8. Outside Man
9. Shine a Light
10. Since You've Been Gone
11. Singing Your Song
12. Smooth Sailing
13. Starting Today
14. Last Place
15. Stand-Off Game
16. Waiting For the Tide to Turn
17. Way Out West
18. Goin' Down Again





1992 (Mushroom D24508) CD


Track Listing
1 Way Out West
2 Boy on the Run
3 Sydney Ladies
4 Goin' Down Again
5 Smooth Sailing
6 Shine a Light
7 Singing Your Song
8 Come on Down
9 Waiting for the Tide to Turn
10 Into The Night
11 Since You've Been Gone
12 Child In The Middle
13 Don't Want To Face The Day Alone  **
14 High Living **
15 So Long For So Little **

** Previously unreleased tracks, recorded at Atlantic Studios, NY
Produced by The Dingoes, engineered by Jim Douglas





Orphans of the Storm

1979 A&M/Festival LP


Track Listing

1 Outside Man

2 Since You’ve Been Gone

3 Into the Night

4 The Stand off Game

5 I Never Seem to Get Through

6 Child in the Middle

7 The Last Place

8 High Living

9 Going Down Again

10 Johnnie’s the Last One






Five Times the Sun

1977 A&M International release LP


Track Listing

1 Smooth Sailing

2 Shine a Light

3 Singing Your Song

4 Starting Today

5 Come on Down

6 Way Out West

7 Boy on the Run

8 Waiting for the Tide to Turn





Live at the Station

1976 Lamington Records LAM-332 LP


Dingoes Track Listing

Track 4 Marijuana Hell

Track 6 When A Man Loves A woman


The album records various bands playing in the Lounge at the Station Hotel, Prahran over two nights in March 1976. Released on LP record, it also included Wild Beaver Band, Myriad and Saltbush. A multitrack recorder was used (in the back of a truck parked outside the Lounge door in Greville Street Prahran).




The Dingoes

1974 Mushroom/Festival LP


Track Listing

Side one

Come on Down

Boy on the Run

The Last Place I Wanna Be

Way Out West

Peyday Again

Side two

Goin' Down Again


My Sometime Lady

Sydney Ladies

Dingoes Lament




Carson (1971-1973)


Ian Ferguson - Bass
Greg Lawrie - Guitar
Tony Lunt - Drums
Broderick Smith - Vocals, Harmonica
Ian Winter - Guitar
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Garry Clarke - Bass
Mal Logan - Keyboards
Mal Capewell - Sax

Blown (EMI/Harvest SHVL.608) 1972
On The Air (EMI/Harvest SHVL.611) 1973
(also released in France (EMI/Harvest 064-81.774) 1974)

Both albums released on one CD, Free Records FR2004 (2000)

Travelling South/Moonshine (Havoc H 1008) 1971
Boogie Part 1/Part II (EMI/Harvest HAR-9965) 1972



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Travelling Highway Blues (Best of Carson)

2000 Compilation by Raven Records CD


In their time together, the members of Carson issued three singles, including the memorable national hit ‘Boogie (Part One)’, and two highly regarded and collectable albums (Blown and the live On The Air). Raven has selected the best tracks (including six cuts from Blown and three from the live at Sunbury 1973 set On The Air) for presentation on Travelling Highway Blues.

As a bonus, there’s the A-side of the incredibly rare, 1970 single by The Meating (‘Bad Luck Feeling’) which was a one-off collaboration between Greg Lawrie and blues master Matt Taylor. Travelling Highway Blues (The Best of Carson) is an important slice of Rock History, and will fill a gap in the collection of any self-respecting fan of 1970s Australian Music.


1. Travelling South
2. Moonshine
3. Sweet Little Angel
4. Boogie - Part 1
5. Boogie - Part 2
6. Rock & Roll Game
7. Better Times Will Come About
8. Sunday in the City
9. Banana Power
10. A Boogie
11. Let Me Sleep
12. DIingo (live at Sunbury 1973)
13. Laid-Back Feel (live at Sunbury 1973)
14. Dust My Broom (live at Sunbury 1973)
15. Friday Night Groove (live at Sunbury 1973)
Bonus Track (by The Meating)
16. Bad Luck Feeling





Blown / On the Air

2000 2 LP's on one CD


Track Listing

1 Rock and roll  game

2 Better times will come about

3 Sunday in the city

4 Banana Power

5 Boogie

6 Let me sleep

7 Up in Queensland

8 Dingo

9 Laid back feel

10 Dust my broom

11 Hey Joe

12 Boogie

13 Sunbury Jam




On the Air

1973 EMI Harvest Records LP

Live performances from Sunbury Rock Festival


Track Listing


Laid back feel

Dust my broom

Hey Joe


Sunbury Jam






1972 EMI Harvest Records LP


Track Listing

Rock and roll  game

Better times will come about

Sunday in the city 

Banana Power


Let me sleep

Up in Queensland




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Broderick Smith


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Broderick Smith and Matt Walker on stage at the Port Fairy Folk Festival 2009

Photo by David Halford